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Discrete sex chat free

I rolled onto my back lifting her on top of me, reaching down towards her cunt, it was uncovered, wet and there to be played with, I rubbed it franticly whilst she bit my shoulder so she wouldn’t moan, I could hear her pleasurable “mmmm” almost as if she was purring to me.

Her hand came down and met mine, she pushed my fingers into her, and I played with the beautiful soft inner lining of her cunt.

After some stifled groans through the bed sheet clinched in her moth she climbed off my face and disappeared under the covers when I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and forcefully give me the hardest blowjob of my life I wanted to explode there and then, after teasing my cock with her tongue and gagging on it numerous times she whispered in my ear, “fuck me”.

We got chatting and it seemed we had a lot in common, and the fact they loved football made it all the better.She led me by my cock to the kitchen table, the one of 3 I never thought could happen, she climbed onto it gracefully and lifted her legs up holding them by the ankles as I slid my now covered cock into her moist cunt. ”I did as she instructed and when she told me she had a vibrator she wanted me to use to I knew exactly where to find it, she asked no questions.It slided in no problems, and she let out a gasp as the full length went in with one stroke. I put it in my mouth straight away, shocking Chloe and I slid it into her arsehole gently, easing it in as it vibrated, again pumping my cock in as I reached round to her arse, slowly she was getting louder, “Yes! ” as she shuddered, exploding over my cock, liquid squirting out over me as I pulled out in shock at how much there was, I’d just caused a female ejaculation, the holy grail of fucking I quickly got on my knees and lapped it up, licking her all over.The 3rd one through me, but the first two were achievable here.I acted as though I needed to make a phone call to tell my mum where I was (Not cool) but I really just wanted to look at them from behind, both wearing heels, short dresses and there bodies were amazing, attracting the eyes of passersby whilst I wasn’t with them.

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We had a long walk down the beach before we reached the town and during that walk, I brought up the subject of sex.

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