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On the female side, only two out of the eight “taken” women were still with their boyfriends and were freshman.In total, I found only 5 percent of high school relationships transitioning into college survived beyond freshman year.She changed in college and drank a lot,” said a sophomore.

One sophomore, who broke it off college, wrote that she and her boyfriend decided to split and experience college on their own.“Since we didn’t see each other at all, our feelings changed,” one sophomore wrote.“We didn’t communicate and I was the only one that was putting effort into the relationship,” said a junior.Mc Candless found a significant spike around the Thanksgiving holiday break.As relationship columnist Dan Savage has said, “Thanksgiving break is kind of the last point at which a reasonable human being can drop a significant other until February, and many take advantage of the small window of time.” This makes sense considering that during the first month of school, students usually tend to begin to settle in, stop missing home, make solid friendships and become distracted by their new college life.

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Almost 50 percent of each group began college in a relationship.

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