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I met her when I asked to take her picture for my website, Haute Drop-Off.She's beautiful in that symmetrical way in which some scientists claim attracts the human eye.My "relationship" with that horrible man lasted 5 years, and he did unspeakable things to me during that time. The executive floor is where we are going, and I turn around in awe as Andrea shows us the 20th floor."Usually Mr.

For the first time the presence of a male has filled me with something other than fear, although I did get scared a little when he was getting closer to me.I always keep a box of tissues on a stand by my bed for just these occasions. He uh, he came in and burned my leg with his cigarette.He then slapped me -" I shiver as the memories come back to me. Grey comes in."Andrea gives me a tour as we go through the lobby, showing me where the security offices are, the main floor board room, and a few other rooms I know I won't be able to remember.Christian has Ana lowering her guard, but is that enough to be together when you have issues, like being afraid of men? He stomps toward me, and as he does I scramble back, my 8 year old body hitting the wall. Don't be a bitch like your mother." He laughs, and the harsh sound causes me to cover my ears. "Oh, I'm not going to fucking hit you today." He takes a cigarette from his pocket, lights it, and then burns it into my leg.I scream out loud, but he only laughs, digging it in further.

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I love you, baby sister," Andrea says to me, hugging me. Once I am down there I go to the small cafe that is attached and sit down, waiting for my breakfast wrap and coffee.

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