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Love friend dating amare

After meeting each other that night, Lee and Jerrod planned to have dinner with her the next night.While at the restaurant the following evening, Lee surreptitiously left in the middle of dinner without telling them, so that they could be alone together.

As she turned to Jerrod he said, “The flowers are actually for you.” Then he went down on one knee to reveal his true intentions for the night!Her bridegroom, suave in a navy blue slim-fit tuxedo from ASOS, complemented by a velvet burgundy bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie, was visibly overcome with emotion at the sight of his love.The ceremony was officiated by Gregory Bent, cousin of the bride.” So I leaned over and whispered in his ear, right there with everyone around, that I loved him.For me, that point was where I decided to stop over-thinking the distance that separated us and just enjoy the love that we clearly had found.” Over the course of their courtship Jerrod had a first-hand view of how important Noelle's Jamaican heritage was to her.

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Noelle and Jerrod began communicating via phone every day and eventually went on their official first date in Miami, Florida, in July 2011.