Partners of alzheimers dating

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Partners of alzheimers dating

Future research might consider longitudinal studies of altruistic behavior among youth, with follow-up reporting of sexual histories as they progress through adolescence and young adulthood in order to better address the question of directionality (“does altruism at time A predict mating at time B”? Our studies examined a limited array of mating and sexual history variables.

Future research should investigate variables such as partner mate-value, perceived infidelity, relationship stability and satisfaction as metrics of long-term relationship functioning, as well as how people prioritize the altruism of prospective mates relative to other qualities like attractiveness or athleticism.

The statistical models (including covariates) explained between 13 and 26% of variance in the sexual behavior variables.

Moreover, altruism mattered more for men’s number of lifetime and casual sex partners than for women’s.

Some research has shown that men will actively compete with one another (termed competitive altruism) by making charitable donations to women.

Interestingly, these charitable donations increase when the target of one’s altruism is physically attractive.

For instance, some research has shown men to over-report, and women to under-report their lifetime number of sex partners.

Participants again reported on their sexual histories, completed a personality measure, as well as a scale to capture socially-desirable responding and a measure of narcissism.

Results showed that, even when controlling for these variables, those who donated reported having more lifetime sex partners, more casual sex partners, and more sex partners over the past year, with the models explaining between 7 and 28% of variance on the sexual behavior variables.

Research has shown that we prefer altruistic partners, all else being equal; especially for long-term mating (the evidence for altruism being preferred in short-term mates is mixed).

Not surprisingly, then, the pull to demonstrate one’s altruism can be strong.

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Men who were willing to donate also reported having more lifetime dating partners.