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People loosen up, feel less restrained, and express themselves more openly, a phenomenon called the online disinhibition effect (Suler 2004), which can work in two seemingly opposing directions.

At times it is a benign disinhibition, as when people show unusual acts of kindness or generosity, but at other times it is malignant, as when visiting the dark places of the Internet – pornography, crime, and violence – through email, chat rooms, and video.

I was surprised to discover that cyberpsychology is the subject of approximately thirty peer-reviewed journals.

It refers to anything digital or technical, from Bluetooth to driverless cars.

Two years before his investigation began, Jack started going online at chat rooms, hoping to meet a girl.

He had become very lonely after it became clear that continuing to see his girlfriend would be problematic when they enrolled in different colleges.

Online, people feel a sense of anonymity that promotes saying and doing things in cyberspace that they wouldn’t ordinarily say and do face-to-face, self-disclosing or acting out more frequently or intensely than they would in person.

Some time ago a young man was referred to me with a tentative diagnosis of paraphilia, the scientific term for sexual perversion.Although I did not have a lot of experience treating sex offenders, I had some.My experience told me that those with real sexual perversions tend not to seek treatment voluntarily; they cling to their perversion ferociously, not wanting to give it up because it provides an ecstatic release, unlike anything they might get from "vanilla" or ordinary sex.Don't be afraid to make a phone call to a hotline or to the police - they are there to help.Society is regularly shocked by reports of child abuse.

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