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50% of sentence (or until the age of 70 with 40% of the sentence served); • Three or more prior commitments ?80% of sentence (or until the age of 70 with 40% of the sentence served); • Guilty of a dangerous felony ? In addition, there are enhanced sentences and minimum prison terms for persistent and predatory sexual offenders (Section 558.018, RSMo), prior and persistent domestic violence offenders (Section 565.063, RSMo) and prior and persistent drug offenders (Sections 195.285 to 195.296, RSMo).• Involuntary Manslaughter in the first degree (Section 565.024, RSMo) requires 85% of sentence to be served before parole.• Pharmacy Robbery in the first degree (Section 569.025, RSMo). • Pharmacy Robbery in the second degree (Section 569.03,5 RSMo). • Prior or Persistent Domestic Violence Offender (Section 565.063, RSMo) shall serve a minimum of six months before probation or parole.The Revised Missouri Statutes are available online.Reference also can be made to the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole booklet about Procedures Governing the Granting of Paroles and Conditional Release.• Aggravated and Chronic DWI Offenders (Section 577.023, RSMo). • Enticement of a Child less than 15 (Section 566.151, RSMo).

The same offense group and level of severity applies.The Missouri statutes have provisions for enhanced sentencing when an offender is deemed to be a prior and persistent recidivist, and for a minimum prison time when the offender is deemed to be a recidivist or has been convicted of a dangerous felony.Unless specifically excluded by statute, felony convictions can be sentenced to either probation or to a prison sentence (Section 559.012, RSMo).• Failure to register as a sex offender, 3rd offense (Section 589.425, RSMo).Offenders must serve two years before probation or parole.

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The sentencing recommendations include sentences at one felony class lower than the commitment of the offense for the same offense group and level of severity. Authorized terms of imprisonment including conditional release: Felony Class A 10 to 30 years or life Felony Class B 5 to 15 years Felony Class C Not to exceed 7 years Felony Class D Not to exceed 4 years The probation term for a felony conviction is from one to five years (Section 559.016, RSMo). A person guilty of forcible rape, statutory rape 1st degree, forcible sodomy, statutory sodomy 1st or an attempt of any of the above designated offenses or child molestation 1st degree, Class A felony or sexual abuse, Class B and (1) who has a prior finding of guilt of one of the designated offenses or (2) has committed such an offense whether or not there was a conviction or (3) has committed the acts against multiple victims whether or not the defendant was charged is so designated.

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