Speed dating london clapham junction

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Speed dating london clapham junction

It was joyous and inspiring and I urge you to see for yourself, but don’t rely on the train services at weekends!

Returning on Saturday, Network Rail cancelled all trains on the main artery into Paddington via Reading, offering a link by bus.

There are 23 train operators in the UK – about 20 too many.

In spite of endless “initiatives”, ticket pricing remains a complex mystery. We have already made the choice – to take a train and not use a car.

Wouldn’t railways run better if it didn’t have to accommodate that annoying element called a “passenger”?

Night after night, on local news, weary commuters have described how it takes up to two hours longer to get to and from work in London and the South-east from Sussex and Kent.

They have no idea when trains might arrive, on what platform or what circuitous route their journey might take.

I’ve spent a lot of time on trains this week, and one of the highlights was being asked to pay £1.95 for a cup of hot water on South Western Railway – because I had boarded after 10am.

That’s a minor inconvenience compared to the discomfort suffered by passengers whose lives have been blighted by a long-running dispute affecting Southern, one of the UK’s busiest rail services.

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