Yewon and minhyuk dating sites the stages of dating in spain

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Yewon and minhyuk dating sites

Minhyuk curled like a kitty cat beside Hyunwoo, head tugged under Hyunwoo’s chin while the leader scrolled through his phone with earphones plugged into his ears. “Yeah,” Hyunwoo never moved his eyes from Minhyuk as he spoke, “he said you would clean up your room, so he moved here to get some peace.”Kihyun scoffed. It’s not like he would wake up even though I put the vacuum next to his ear.”The leader of the group chuckled, but he didn’t reply, meant he wasn’t interested in extending their short conversation, not when he was with Minhyuk. They just arrived at the dorm, and they were glad they could—miraculously—finish their schedules before midnight. “Don’t you think they’ve gotten way too comfortable with it!

Hyunwoo seemed to notice Kihyun’s presence so that he pulled off one of the earphones as he threw his gaze to the main vocal. The last thing he said before Kihyun exited the room was, “Just call me if you need something,” but Kihyun knew it better that Hyunwoo would very appreciate it if he let him alone with Minhyuk.(Kihyun wasn’t really sure, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hyunwoo planting a short kiss on Minhyuk’s crown, a smile full of affection curving on his lips right after.) 3. However, while the rest of them went straight back to their dorm right after the van that carried them stopped in front of the apartment building, Hyunwoo and Minhyuk chose to do something else other than having an early rest.“They went for a drink,” Changkyun replied to the question, “or they just wanted to have some quality time ” Hyungwon chimed in. ”“He always looks like he’s deeply in love with Minhyuk,” Hyungwon nodded, agreeing with Jooheon.

This episode will be aired on the coming 28th July 10.20PM.

Hyungwon sees Hyunwoo caressing Minhyuk’s cheek with so much affection. Hoseok hears Hyunwoo saying ‘I love you’ to Minhyuk.

Kihyun was in the bathroom, Jooheon and Changkyun went to their shared bedroom while waiting for their turns to shower, and Hoseok looked for some fruits to eat in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Hyungwon was sitting on their couch, pretending to be busy with his phone, even though actually he was secretly watching the two other members who seemed lost in their own world.

Hyunwoo and Minhyuk never really said that there was something between them, but seeing from how close they were, their gestures, and sweet glances they would share when no one noticed it (they thought so, but the truth was everyone always noticed it), Hyungwon could make a conclusion that Hyunwoo and Minhyuk’s relationship was more than band mates.

And now, the leader let the bundle of sunshine lean on his body while his arm protected the fragile-looking figure in an almost possessive embrace.

Minhyuk spent his day off to sleep until dusk, but lately, he seemed to find another comfort zone other than his bed.

“You know he can’t stop himself from thinking about unnecessary things, right? He ended up drinking a bit too much than he had to.”“I can see that,” Hoseok pinched the bridge of his nose before exhaling softly. Only his eyes kept staring at the two until they disappeared behind the door.(Hoseok wasn’t really sure, but if his ears didn’t betray him, he heard Hyunwoo whispering “I love you” to Minhyuk.) 1.

“Come here, I’ll take him to his bed.”“Nope, nope, let me,” Minhyuk gave him his blinding smile as he dragged Hyunwoo to the bedroom.“You sure you don’t need my help? It was quite a tiring night tonight, but Hyunwoo barely felt drained—not when he had Minhyuk on his lap, kissing his lips in a lazy movement.

He wasn’t the one to want to know about people’s love lives, but he found the one his band mates owned was way too interesting. “The adoration Hyunwoo always has in his eyes when he’s with Minhyuk can’t be hidden.”“I think I saw him kissing Minhyuk once.

Not on the lips, but it was definitely not a brotherly kiss. ” Kihyun joined the conversation.“Why would I kiss one of you, anyway,” Hoseok sighed.

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Hoseok was the one who was still awake since he was a little bit worried because Hyunwoo and Minhyuk didn’t show up until late night.

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